Grand Boats


Spending time on the water with family and friends provides some of the most pleasurable and rewarding moments of our lives. Every GRAND boat is designed and built to provide optimum excitement and the feeling of Luxury, Comfort and Safety no matter where your journey takes you!

Style and Practicality

We believe that in order to achieve an overall success with the design brief it is also important to combine style with practicality. Our designers pay particular attention to the ergonomics as well as the elegance of their designs, the results of which we hope our customers will really appreciate!

Individually Crafted

Each GRAND Inflatable Boat is individually crafted in order to achieve the highest standards. In fact every model is hand built by our highly skilled manufacturing specialists in order to ensure it not only meets our quality standards but also the tough environmental challenges Mother Nature occasionally sends our way!

High Quality and Fair Prices

Our internal quality management procedures are amongst the highest in the industry so the challenge has been to achieve this at a cost that ensures good value for money.

Top Grade Materials for Best Results

Best materials supplied from the best suppliers is the only way to ensure the greatest quality. All parts and systems are built from reliable and credible brands.

Every GRAND boat is built in Europe without compromise in terms of workmanship, materials, engineering and quality. By combining aerodynamic principles with advanced design and manufacturing concepts we provide our customers with boats in which every component is quality assured and traceable to its source. That’s a high standard to maintain but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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